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Amendments and Other Services

Filing of Annual Return - R450 submission fee + CIPC fee

Address amendment - R355

Director/Member amendment - R575

Auditor changes - R355

Financial year end changes - R395

Name change - R995

Official Company Disclosure - R250

Update/change MOI - R2450

Deregistration of (Pty) Ltd - R3150

Share certificates - R150 per certificate

Special name reservation - R275

Restoration of deregistered company (Pty as well as CC) - R3490 + outstanding Annual Returns and submission fees per year

Please note that we will supply ALL documents needed for these amendments.

Our Services 

We deliver a broad range of services that will help you to have complete control over your (Pty) Ltd. We will do the admin regarding your company's setup and amendments so you don't have to. 

Please see below for our list of services                                             

Registration of new (Pty) Ltd (Standard MOI) - R1125

Shelf Company (Subject to availability) - R1350

Conversion of CC to (Pty) Ltd (Standard MOI) - R1950

Conversion of CC to (Pty) Ltd (Custom MOI supplied by client) - R2750

Registration of new NPC without members (Standard MOI) - R1650

Registration of new NPC with members (Standard MOI) - R2450

Import/Export Licence - R2800

If there are any other services you require, please contact

us and we WILL BE HAPPY to help you. 

*Terms and Conditions Apply