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I launched this company with the vision of helping people become financially, and even in a sense emotionally, independent by assisting them with the setup of their own companies.

As someone who worked with special needs children for over 12 years, I appreciate and value the empowerment that independence can bring. In all areas of your life.

It is my mission to help as many people as possible in attaining their goals of becoming proud business own owners. Every client that I consult with is treated with respect and guided by me personally. I aim to grant all of my customers the friendly and personal service that they deserve. 

Financial Independence is the ability to live well from the income of your own personal resources - what is more personal than having your own company? For those of you that have already attained your financial independence, or for those who have a burning heart for your communities; I want to help in setting up non-profit companies so that your community may benefit from your love, care, and expertise. 

Jouré Rustemeyer

Managing Director

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